Customer-Centric Service Management for Telecom Networks.
Service status, coverage, weather and power in one display for quicker diagnosis of network issues.

Customer Impact Visualisation

Enhanced Geographical Visualisation of Service Status Customer Impact with real-time visual correlation of network and service issues within a geographical location. Add external factors including weather and power to help diagnose service issues. Highly configurable layers, displaying network objects and service status.

  • Consolidated fault, performance and usability data from best of breed OSS platforms
  • Automatic geographical clustering of faults, exposing fault relationships that may not be visible from an event list or topological view
  • Integration of multiple external data sources
  • Context sensitive launch capability into 3rd party solutions

Compatible & Integrated

Galileo Vision is fully compatible with leading Network Management and Service Assurance systems and integrates with external data sources, such as weather and power.


Galileo Vision provides a Geographic view of your event list providing Geo-context to traditional event lists. Visually and intuitively correlating them with other related data.

Easy to

Galileo Vision has point and click configuration providing the ability to tailor the display and data sources to your environment.


For 18 years we have been known for the excellence of our support. Real experts and nice people too.  24/7 support if required.

Use Cases

Here are a few example Use Cases exploring the flexibility and functionality of Galileo Vision.

Each image can be expanded to reveal further details and videos showcasing the software in use.


Latest News

Customer Centric Service Assurance

Customer Centric Service Assurance

Our Catalyst title was Customer Centric Service Assurance, you now know that happy customers and continued customer happiness are our real objectives; because happy customers are your most valuable asset. We demonstrated our approach using lightweight, intuitive visualisation to create real-time actionable insight. For a quick reminder on our catalyst Click here: Our first product Galileo Vision is already deployed within major carriers across the globe. This week we are ...

To see is to understand

To see is to understand

Seeing things differently. It’s that time of year again, TM Forum has had their annual show in Nice, the rebranded Digital Transformation World for 2018. I am on my way back from there now, sitting back, looking out over the French Alps and taking the time to think about the exciting, innovative and mind-blowing technological steps that have been taken in the last year by all of our colleagues. What...

Service Assurance at the Heart of Customer Centricity

Service Assurance at the Heart of Customer Centricity

Galileo Software showcasing their Catalyst Customer Centric Service Assurance Phase 2 at #TMFDigital 2018. Great excitement already at the catalyst stand at this years TM Forum Digital Transformation Word 2018. This year's catalyst by Galileo Software puts Service Assurance at the heart of Customer Centricity. Watch out for more updates and some exciting news during this show! For more on this talk to us live at our Catalyst Kiosk #TMFDigital...

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Customer-centric service management solutions for the most complex networks. Visualisation, modelling and management. 

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