You can buy Galileo Vision today, just like our other Customers.
But if you want to test it first then join our Galileo Explorer Program.

NB: We have limited availability, so don't delay. <br/><br/>

The great news

Galileo Vision is a tried and tested product and it's in use worldwide, with major network operators, delivering unique insights in real-time.

The not-so great news  

Galileo Vision is a seriously capable and flexible software system and, to do its magic, it connects to multiple systems including your core Service Assurance system. That's why Galileo Vision is not available as a self-installable 'download' and it can't be trialled on a whim. And that's a real shame, because we'd like to make it as easy possible for our customers to explore what Galileo Vision can do for them.

The answer  

And so, in association with our friends at Eirteic Consulting, we have developed the Galileo Explorer Program. It's the ideal way to put Galileo Vision through its paces in your business and really discover its true potential - without wasting time, effort or resources.

The Galileo Explorer Program is a guided and fully supported exploration of the Galileo Vision product working towards clear objectives. It a high-touch 90 day program with our continued support.

Sadly we can't offer the Galileo Explorer Program to everyone, there are limited places available each quarter and, of course, there are terms and conditions.

The Galileo Explorer Program is a strictly limited program that runs for 90 days. We supply the software with a 90 day, unlimited use, licence. The wonderful folks at Eirteic install Galileo Vision on your servers and we offer advice and assistance with your integrations. Eirteic include there peerless support for the software, as if you were a regular customer. Finally we'll run 4 'Explorer Sessions' with your team to capture objectives, user cases, stakeholders and desired outcomes. To advise on best practice, tech. tips and help accelerate your understanding and acheive your objectives. And of course, we'll also help you with administration training (NB: User training should not be needed, its so intuitive).

And finally, during the program, we'll share some of our latest development plans, so that you'll be on the inside track with what's coming next. But just to be clear - We won't be sharing new, unreleased software as part of this program. 

At the end of the 90 days your licence will time out. Hopefully, you'll will have developed clear, and compelling, reasons for moving to the full product. You will be able to see quite clearly how using Galileo Visions will pay dividends for your business. If you do, we will credit the cost of the Galileo Explorer Program against your software subscription. If not, we'll all be sad - but much the wiser.

Terms and Conditions. 

This is a limited availability program. With the following highlight Terms and Conditions. 

  • 90 day fixed term licence of Galileo Vision software
  • Licence key and installation commence after receipt of €10,000 Program Fee (or local currency equivalent), and signed Software Agreement
  • Available in US and EU areas and other countries by agreement
  • Limited availability; first come, first served

The Galileo Explorer Program

  • Galileo Vision with a 90 day, unlimited use, licence. 
  • Installation on your servers (or cloud) and assistance with integration 
  • Full support package 
  • 4 'Explorer Sessions', with your team, to developed clear and compelling value
  • One off cost of The Galileo Explorer Program is €10,000 (or local currency equivalent)
  • Full credit of program cost against future Galileo Vision subscription
Limited places are available each Quarter. Don't Delay.
Galileo Vision Explorer

I understand that Galileo Vision Explorer is a limited availability program. This application alone does not guarantee availability, and it's not committing you either! We'll be in touch to explain everything.

Reserve your place in the next Galileo Vision Explorer program.
Agreement and Order
Complete your application and transfer the fee
Prepare Yourself
Prepare your equipment, data and your team. Arrange installation
Blast off and begin Exploring, with our help all the way.

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