Zoom-in to diagnose an outage

Galileo Vision allows operators to visualize the status of any monitored device that has a fault raised against it. Vision will search for any AssureNow performance threshold alarm. If an alarm is present, a PM threshold visual indicator is assigned to the device. AssureNow PM threshold alarms will be viewable via an AssureNow event list.

Only devices that are in fault are displayed which keeps the view uncluttered. This improves the operator’s ability to visualize issues which could be directly affecting business and users experience. The location of each device is based on the stored GIS coordinates and each device will be highlighted with the highest severity of alarm raised against that device.

Devices are automatically clustered when they are near each other, this enables them to be clearly distinguished. The cluster will indicate the number of devices clustered as well as indicate the highest severity raised against those devices. Vision also supports the capability to zoom in and out of a map and the cluster automatically updates to meet the chosen zoom level.




Severity, NMS Integration, Root Cause Identification, Network Links, Customisable, Filtered Views

Customer-centric service management solutions for the most complex networks. Visualisation, modelling and management. 

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