Service Assurance is at the heart of Customer Centric Strategies

by Billy O'Callaghan, CTO, Galileo Software. 

Digital Transformation World 2018 takes place this May in Nice, France and Galileo Software are participating in the TM Forum Catalyst proof of concept program with its Customer-Centric Service Assurance (Phase II) Catalyst.

This Catalyst will explore the essential nature of Customer-Centric Service Assurance in an increasingly complex world of service inter-dependency, automation and dynamic service changes. Network and customer-centric visualizations will be presented to address this environment with cross-vendor inter-dependent management of services models and candidate KPIs measuring successful outcome against TM Forum's Frameworx.

Customer Expectations

Customers have needs that must be met, their service must be as good as they expect, they should be billed correctly, and they should have great interactions with your team. These are the basis of the expectations of a customer. They are also the result of a learning process and can be formed quickly, just as a first impression matters a lot, so too does every subsequent interaction with your service. Once impressions are established, they can significantly influence the decision-making process and can be very difficult to change.

Excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer expectations. It is vital that you need to know who your customers are, where they are, and what they want. When measuring customer satisfaction, companies generally ask customers whether their product or service has met or exceeded expectations. Managing and fulfilling customers’ expectations is fundamental to the success of any company.

Service Assurance

It has already been determined that Service Assurance naturally enables CSP’s to manage their Service Experience. This, however, is no longer enough. CSPs now need to be more Customer Centric than ever. Service Assurance needs to be at the heart of a Customer-Centric Strategy, assuring, enabling, and supporting optimisation of resources so that more informed decisions can be made, faster, and offering insights for further innovative opportunities to delight customers.

We live in a world of digital disruption where products and services are being created and turned down in an operational domain that is dynamically constructed in ever increasing virtual domains, and in real time. This is a challenging environment which few of us could have imagined a short time ago, and affects Telecommunication, Construction, Financial and Retail verticals, and shortly also, the intra-vertical world. 

Proof of Concept

This catalyst will re-look at the growing importance of service assurance in a dynamic and virtualised world. It will focus on the customer perspective and will explore how prioritising network management activity for maximum customer impact can deliver greater returns than traditional methods. It will explore why established concepts of Service Assurance, and fixing faults, are losing their relevance as a method to enhance customer value.

This catalyst envisages solutions that address the increasingly complex service environment, including virtual services, to provide a combined network and customer-centric visualisation of this cross-vendor, inter-dependent, management of services models.

In this catalyst, we will show a visualisation of customer insight metrics with network events that provide CSPs vital information of where to focus their attention in the context of customer satisfaction.

You are invited to come and see our catalyst and visit Galileo Software, along with our Catalyst Champions GCI and Smart Liverpool, and fellow participants Cardinality and Liverpool John Moores University.  For more on the Customer Centric Service Assurance Phase 2 Catalyst including a summary of Phase 1 of this catalyst go to

Galileo Software present Customer-centric service management solutions for the most complex networks with emphasis on visualisation, modelling and management. Galileo Software is the software development arm of Eirteic - the Service Assurance company



Customer-centric service management solutions for the most complex networks. Visualisation, modelling and management. 

GalileoSoftware is the software development arm of Eirteic - the Service Assurance company




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