Customer Centric Service Assurance

Our Catalyst title was Customer Centric Service Assurance, you now know that happy customers and continued customer happiness are our real objectives; because happy customers are your most valuable asset.  We demonstrated our approach using lightweight,  intuitive visualisation to create real-time actionable insight.

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Our first product Galileo Vision is already deployed within major carriers across the globe.

This week we are this week are launching  Galileo Explorer a very low cost, a quick-start program for Galileo Vision.

Galileo Explorer bundles the software and our expertise to swiftly prove the value of these network insights within your business*.

*See terms & conditions and further details here

We also showcased the next addition to Galileo Vision, Customer Insights. The feedback last week was tremendous, and there is a real sense of anticipation about this product, and we learned some valuable new user cases too. You can follow the development of Galileo Vision with CI and find out about our Early Access program.

Finally, we revealed our Dynamic Service Relationship Modelling and Management - our unique approach to delivering (near) real-time service modelling, monitoring and real service impact. DSRM2 has the potential to deliver the most fundamental change in Service Assurance since the term was invented.  DSRM2 can show 'at risk' services and real 'customer impact' so that customer service teams are no longer dealing with complaints after something has gone wrong, and are instead helping customers avoid any disruption to their happy day.  

We'd love to talk to you further about each of these topics, but we want to be sure you're interested first. So please, follow this link and tell us which of these programs you are interested in.  For more information on our Customer Centric Service Assurance solutions please click here

Customer-centric service management solutions for the most complex networks. Visualisation, modelling and management. 

GalileoSoftware is the software development arm of Eirteic - the Service Assurance company




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